This is the MyJDW Login for Wetherspoon Employees, a dedicated Employee Resource Management portal designed to cater to the needs of Wetherspoon Employees.

At MyJDW login, we know how important your employee portal is to make your job easier and better. That’s why we want to make sure you have all the answers to the questions you may have about the portal, from how to get access to what’s included in your subscription and beyond. If you’re new to MyJDW or want an overview of how it works, continue reading.


You may already be familiar with MyJDW Login, the personal employee login portal Wetherspoon provides that allows you to access your employee profile, payroll information, and leave details anytime. But did you know MyJDW offers access to numerous personalized tools and resources? Here’s how to log in to MyJDW, what you can do once logged in, and how these resources can help you as an employee of J.D. Wetherspoon.

What is MyJDW Login portal?


MyJDW is a portal for employees at JD Weatherspoons. It’s designed to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in the business, be as secure as possible, and give you easy access to information that can help you do your job better. It replaces all of their old email systems, which meant it was difficult or impossible for them to tell if an email was actually from our colleagues or not – MyJDW solves this problem.

This online service allows you to log in and see your wages, payslips, and any holiday entitlements. In addition, if you need to contact someone from the company about your employment, the online service will help you find their contact information. It’s quick and easy.

The stepwise Login process at My JDW

Here we are talking about the Login process at MyJDW:


Step 1: Make sure you have the complete information required

You will need your email address, password, and the seven-digit employee Id that the Wetherspoon company provides to sign in.

Step 2: Visit the official website of MyJDW

Now you need to visit the official website of MyJDW and find the login button.

Step 3: Hit the login button

A new window will open with a welcome message from My JDW now, and click on the green Login button at the bottom of the screen to continue using My JDW.

Step 4: Provide the required information

Enter your employee I.D. and password into the boxes, then click the  Sign In button.

Step 5: Click submit

After providing the required information, ensure you have provided all the information correctly, and then click on the submit button. That’s all. You will be redirected to a new webpage showing the home page of your account.

If you still need to register with My JDW, please register now by clicking on the register button at the bottom of the screen.

Registration process to MyJDW Login

Here is how you can register at myjdw payslip login:


Step 1: Make sure you have secure internet and a device

Make sure you have a fast internet connection and a compatible device with the website. If you need access to these things, ensure you can get them before attempting registration. 

Step 2: Visit the official website of MyJDW

Visit the official website of MyJDW You can visit the website from any computer or mobile device with internet access.

Step 3: Click the Register Now button

On the official website of MyJDW, find the register now button and click on it.

Step 4: Provide the required information

After clicking the register now button, you will be taken to a screen with a few questions. This is where you should enter your name, email address, and employee ID. Once those are filled out and verified, click on the submit button (at the bottom of the page).

Step 5: Set up a strong password

The last thing you want is for a hacker to enter your account and change your settings. Create a strong password using upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Please take this opportunity to ensure you know where the password is stored in case you forget it!

Now that your account is set up, you can login to myjdw payslip login and start enjoying all the benefits Profile.



Wehthersoppn has launched a new App for employees of J.D. Wetherspoon to help them manage their shifts and company information on the go! The app is free to download on your smartphone or tablet in the App Store and Google Play Store. The MyJWD App gives you access to your shifts, holiday entitlement, pay rate, and many other valuable features that make life easier for you as a J.D. Wetherspoon employee.

Process of downloading the MyJWD App

Here is how you can download this myjdw my learning app

  • The first step is downloading the MyJWD app from Google Play or Apple Store. 
  • Once downloaded, open the app and enter your email address and password. 
  • Once you’ve done this, you can start using the app. 
  • The next step is to add in your favorite Wetherspoon pub so that you can find them more quickly when they update their menu.

About Wetherspoon company

The pub chain, based in the U.K. and has around 900 pubs, has been operating for over 30 years. The company was founded in 1979 by Tim Martin, and the original name of the company was Tim Martin’s Wetherspoon Pubs. In 2007, the company had 600 pubs. By 2012, it had grown to over 900 pubs. 

It has grown into one of the biggest pub chains in Europe. Their mission is to consistently serve high-quality food and drinks at reasonable prices every day of their existence. To maintain consistent quality for all customers, they own all their pubs instead of renting them out and buying most beer from local breweries. They also have staff trained specifically to ensure that customer experience is as smooth as possible.

One thing that makes Wetherspoon different from other companies, including other pubs, is its use of a social media system called MyJDW. MyJDW allows employees to communicate about anything work-related through chat systems or an internal messaging service within the website. 

MyJDW Portal: The Benefits For Wetherspoon Employees


In today’s fast-paced business environment, leveraging technology to increase productivity and efficiency is more important than ever. For employees of the Wetherspoon Brewery Company, the MyJDW portal is doing just that by making it easier to track hours worked and shift schedules, get access to important H.R. documents such as tax forms and benefits information, and log all kinds of workplace issues quickly so they can be addressed before they turn into problems. To learn more about the MyJDW portal, click on the link below!

Access to your payslips

You can access your payslips once registered and logged in to the MyJDW portal. You can also see bank account details, National Insurance contributions, and P45. This information is essential to keep track of your financial health and ensure that everything runs smoothly on your pay slips. 

View your holiday entitlement.

You can view your holiday entitlement and the dates they are due anytime by going to MyJDW. By clicking Overview in the left-hand menu, then Scheduled Leave. Here you can see all your holiday entitlement for this year and next. If you have taken Leave in previous years and would like an overview of these days, you can access this from the same page.

Request holiday

Requesting a holiday is easy. Log in to MyJDW, and click ‘Request Holiday.’ You can then view the available dates and request a holiday in advance.

Check shift patterns

When you use the MyJDW portal for shift patterns, you can check your shifts and their rotas and request new shifts. You can also see a list of the next two weeks’ rota requests and compare it to what you want. Plus, with the help of the MyJDW portal, you can keep track of your days off!

Change your details


There are many personal details that you can change in your online Profile; for example, you can change your email address and mobile phone number. You can also edit your personal information, including your bank account and emergency contact details. 

The MyJDW portal is easy to use from any device – log in with your username and password!

Update your bank details.

Whenever you change your bank details, you will need to update the details on your MyJDW portal. This is a straightforward process and can be done by following the below steps: 

  • Log in to your My JDW portal, click on Profile at the top right-hand corner of the page and then select Update Bank Details 
  • Enter your new bank account number and sort the code 
  • Enter any new transaction or ATM card details if applicable

Access to employee discounts

The MyJDW portal is an excellent benefit for employees. The other great feature of the MyJDW portal is the ability to access discounts and offers. This is a huge benefit for employees of Wetherspoon, as they can easily find out about all the deals on offer and take advantage of them.

You are given your discount code which will be automatically applied at checkout when shopping online. Three benefits are available; bronze, silver, and gold membership, depending on how long you have worked with them.

Communicate with other officials.

The MyJDW portal is a great tool to have when you are working with other officials. You can communicate with other officials and ensure everything is going as planned. Other features on the portal, such as a calendar, tasks, files, and more, will help you keep track of your work and stay organized.

View company news

MyJDW is the company news and updates portal for all Wetherspoon employees. You can view company news, find out about upcoming events and programs, see photos from recent events, and learn more about your benefits. It’s also a great place to talk to other employees when needed.

Check your rota

The MyJDW portal is an excellent way for employees to check their rota. You can see when you are on shift, who your supervisors are and when you can take time off. You can also use this portal to request days off and update your details.

MyJWD Employee Portal FAQs


Here are some important FAQs:

How do I access the MyJWD employee portal?

To access the MyJWD employee portal, log in with your JWID and password. If you cannot log in, please contact your H.R. representative for assistance.

How to Access the My JDW Login?

Setting up your MyJWD employee portal account is easy, and you should have access to all your data, such as email address and employee I.D. number. To set up your account, click on Start at the top-right corner of any MyJWD page. This will lead you to a simple signup form where you can enter your login information.

How do I update my personal information?

To update your personal information, log in and go to the My Profile section. Here you will see a list of different fields for you to edit. Make sure to click Update Profile at the bottom of the page once you are finished!

What are the different features of the MyJWD employee portal?

You can update your contact information, personal details, and skills by logging in to this section. 

Payroll: The payroll system will allow you to review your paycheck and take care of any discrepancies that need attention.

Where Do I Get an Employee Number? 

Employee numbers are given to everyone who is formally hired. You’ll receive an employee number with your paycheck after your company conducts a background check and determines you’re ready for hire.

Bottom line

MyJDW Login allows you to access your Wetherspoon employee account to check information on your payroll and expenses, submit leave requests, update contact details, and so much more! If you’re interested in becoming an employee of J.D. Wetherspoon, you can also apply through MyJDW Login. This guide will show you how to log in to MyJDW Login to manage your account or apply for employment with the company!